AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Georgia voters again facing a senate run-off, but with a twist.  

 “But this time it’s going to be a much quicker pace, before we had the nine weeks this time, we have four weeks, so we have to do everything all over again but it a shorter period of time,” said Augusta Elections Director Travis Doss.  

In 2020, when both Georgia’s senate seats resulted in a runoff, the election was in January, and now voters are facing a December 6 voting date. 

“The difference comes about we actually changed the law in the legislature where you basically had two months when we did it in 2020 now it’s four weeks so the time is much shorter now,” said State Senator Harold Jones.  

For the 2020 runoffs, there were three weeks of advance voting, that’s not the case for the 2022 senate runoff.  

There will be early voting starting on November 28 and last for one week.

In 2020, there was time for new voters to register and still take part in the runoffs, but no new voters will be taking part this time. 

“‘The registration deadline if it is a Federal Run off the registration deadline was the 7th so that has already passed so no,” said Doss.  

The runoff rules changes are part of the election law changes made after concerns were raised about the 2020 elections.  

“Of course, we say it was designed to suppress Democratic turnout because the fact of the matter came about after this election in 2020 that’s why we look at, it but at this point in time it’s the law,” said Senator Jones.  

The 2022 campaign goes on but this time it will come to a quicker conclusion.