A six month investigation conducted by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation’s Enforcement Division has led to the arrest of a Rincon, Georgia man and woman on multiple counts of workers’ compensation insurance fraud including Theft by Deception and Conspiracy to Commit Insurance Fraud charges.

According to Enforcement Division Director Stan Bexley, Kenny Reddick, age 52 and Linda Crawford age 36 were arrested Monday afternoon, April 20, 2015, and transported to the Effingham County Jail.

Reddick is charged with one felony count of Insurance Fraud, one felony count of Theft by Deception, one felony count of Conspiracy to Commit a Crime and one misdemeanor count of giving False and Misleading Statements when obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.

Director Bexley said the investigation revealed Reddick’s longtime friend, Linda D. Crawford, also involved in Reddick’s scheme to commit workers’ compensation fraud has been charge with one felony count of Theft by Deception and one felony count of Conspiracy to Commit a Crime.

In January of 1988 Kenny Reddick while employed as a lineman working for Savannah Electric and Power Company was electrocuted, suffering a severe injury. The injury was accepted as being catastrophic by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

The Enforcement Division’s investigation alleges that Kenny Reddick submitted over $40,000.00 in fraudulent invoices for in-home and personal health care services he claims to have received as a result of his injury. However, the investigation has determined these services were never provided.

Crawford is alleged to have submitted invoices for payment to the insurance company for service she claimed she provided to Reddick. However, Crawford never provided the services.

In addition, the Enforcement Division’s investigation has determined that Reddick has owned and operated a landscaping service for several years. Reddick was receiving income from providing the landscape service simultaneously with receiving total disability payments from being catastrophically disabled.

This case is still under an active investigation and additional charges of insurance fraud against both Kenny Reddick and Linda Crawford are pending.