Zoo Atlanta celebrates “World Gorilla Day” with baby-naming ceremony

Georgia News

Atlanta, GA (WJBF) – Today is “World Gorilla Day,” and Zoo Atlanta celebrated with a baby-naming ceremony and a special peanut-butter cake for its youngest member of its Western Lowland gorilla troop, Floyd.

Of the three cakes presented, each had a different name on it. The infant’s mother, Lulu, picked the delicious peanut-buttered topped treat that said “Floyd.” From here on out, that will be the name this newest member of Zoo Atlanta will be known by all around the world. The group of gorillas at Zoo Atlanta is one of the largest such collections in North America.

There were over 100 names submitted to this weekend’s naming campaign held at The Ford Willie B. Gorilla Conservation Center.

“Floyd” means “grey-haired,” drawing attention to the fact that one day the infant will grow up to be a mature male gorilla or “silverback.” 

One of the names not chosen, DJ, was a reference to actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who visited the troop in 2017 while filming the movie “Rampage.”

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