HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) – Tee “Skinny Man” Meyers of Hephzibah, Georgia, continues to compete, win, and set power lifting records.

Meyers has been competing for over forty years, starting in 1981. He has earned the nickname “World’s Strongest Grand Daddy.”

“I’m going through different federations, setting records in the over 60 division. I’ve got them in over thirty and over forty, over fifty. Now, I’m doing the over sixties,” said Meyers.

When it comes to power lifting, Meyers has accomplished a lot in his career. He’s won 28 world championships, set numerous world records, and recently competed in Fayetteville where he placed first in the 198 pound class and set another two world records.

“It was 600 pounds first in the dead lift, then 650, and I found out, guess what? I just got elected to the second Power Lifting Hall of Fame. So, a little boy from Hephzibah, little country boy, they consider me a two-time hall of famer,” said Meyers.

Tee “Skinny Man” Meyers shows no signs of stopping and plans to continue competing. He also encourages others his age to keep up with staying healthy and exercising.

“I mean, just because you’re over 65 that doesn’t mean you gotta just sit on the porch, watch ‘The Price is Right’ all day long and people get to the point where they say ‘oh, I’m forty, I’m old. I’m not finished. I’m only 65, just a baby. So, right now the regular 650 pounds is my record. I plan on, when I compete again, to break that record again and push it even further,” said Meyers.

And if you’re an up-and-coming power lifter in the area, the “Skinny Man” isn’t giving up his title so easily.

“I always tell the young boys, you gonna whoop me one day, but today is not that day. So, all you young guys out there, I’ll be down there in Waynesboro December the 18th. If you want some of the Skinny Man, the World’s Strongest Granddaddy, bring it; but you won’t take first place back with you,” said Meyers.