AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Former President Jimmy Carter has served the people his whole life. Now, people and organizations like the Habitat for Humanity– in the CSRA– return that favor.

“It’s not just the four walls that you’re calling home, it’s the neighbors, it’s the business, it’s the kids running down the block, it’s the barking dog next door that kept you up last night, right? It’s the neighborhoods that you’re creating,” Executive Director at Augusta/CSRA Habitat for Humanity Bernadette Fortune said.

That’s the mission behind what Habitat for Humanity workers do – building homes, bridging gaps and creating new atmospheres for families to grow.

And former President Jimmy Carter has spent much of his life after leaving public office volunteering for that organization.

“That impact is greater than just those homes and those families that he served. Those parents and their children, and then their children’s children. You’re taking people out of generations of poverty and allowing them to be homeowners,” Fortune said.

And while Carter is spending his final days in hospice care, people all over are spending these final days, remembering. 

“Even growing up as a kid, we worked– we went and built houses for Habitat for Humanity because President Carter did it and it was just so amazing to watch him live the mission,” Fortune said.

Right here in the CSRA, workers and volunteers continue to build on the foundation’s promise. 

“People have burnt down house fires, I have ladies that come in here that have come out of abusive situations, they need furniture– and people just wanna get their situation restored, get their life restored. So, when it comes to me I help them the best I can, that’s what I do,” store manager Brig Westmoreland said.

Still, never forgetting how Carter put hammer to nail on many of the Habitat for Humanity homes built in Georgia.

“He’s a powerful man, he’s real big on restoring people and restoring their lives, and that’s why we’re called the ReStore and that’s why I love what I do,” Westmoreland said.

The organization is finishing up house number 82 in the area, and moving onto 83. If you wish to donate to the Augusta/CSRA Habitat for Humanity, visit.