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With GOP Primary Runoff over, sights set on General Election in November

ATLANTA (WJBF) - A dominating win last night for Brian Kemp in the runoff for the Republican nomination for Georgia Governor.

And while that nasty campaign is over, things are just getting started as Kemp prepares to face Democrat Stacey Abrams in November.

If you thought the ads for the GOP runoff race got ugly, you better brace yourselves for the general.

The onslaught already starting.  Kemp wasting no time-- first thanking the president. Then playing some offense so aggressive, even the 'Dawgs might whimper in fear.

"Stacey Abrams wants to raise your taxes even though she doesn't pay her own," said Kemp "This election is going to be for the soul of our state."

"Do you want a Governor that's going to answer to Nancy Pelosi."

"The out of touch radical liberal who cares more for her billionaire backers than for you all."

"We gotta keep chopping wood."

Pivoting, Kemp's gameplan throwing in a little D too.

"Their attacks on me will be vicious, baseless and constant."

A wise move, as the Democratic party wasted no time, with an ad airing in Georgia, Wednesday morning.

And one from the Republicans too.

Kemp calling out those national influencers for Abrams...but his own shouting out a little more love on Twitter.  

Republicans, including those from Team Cagle, uniting behind Kemp, or at least against Abrams and Abrams quickly hitting back.

A national spotlight is likely staying on Georgia.

"You're going to see the highest profile stars of both parties come down here," says Greg Bluestein, Political Reporter Atlanta Journal Constitution. "I see this as a warm-up to the Presidential race in 2020."

Everyone knew this would get nasty.

"There is zero love lost between those two," says political strategist, Fred Hicks. "There's quite a bit of animus."

Kemp says he is who he is.

"This message will not change"

Whether you like it...or in Abrams' case, NOT.  Posting, "If you're not familiar with Republican Brian Kemp, you will be soon.  For now, know this:  Kemp is wrong for Georgia families."

Even before Kemp won the GOP nomination, this governor's race was already the most expensive in Georgia history.  $33 million dollars and counting.

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