Washington City Council meets for first time since Cullars’ arrest; bonuses approved for city employees

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WASHINGTON, Ga. (WJBF) – Monday night was the first council meeting following the October arrest and city election last week in Washington.

Councilman Nathaniel Cullars says Monday’s council meeting started off a little rocky.  He wanted to know why some of his requests were not on the agenda.

Councilman Nathaniel Cullars said, “The mayor shouldn’t have my items taken off the agenda. Should have came to the council and that way it would’ve been struck whether they wanted to hear it or not. “

Mayor Bill deGolian said, “It was fine. Councilman Cullars was fine the whole time. I think we had civil discourse among the council members and got our business done so I was pleased with that.

Cullars plans serve another term as city councilman. He was reelected November second. 

“Not surprised by that. The citizens know who is in this town doing the right thing about speaking up and speaking out,” said Councilman Cullars.

“The voters have the ultimate power so I respect the voters’ choices and we will work together. All the council will work together,” said Mayor deGolian.

Just a few weeks before election day, Cullars was arrested for simple battery after an incident at City Hall with Mayor deGolian.

Mayor deGolian said, “The GBI investigated, and charges were issued for assault and battery. Now whatever happens through the criminal justice will happen it’s out of my hands.”

deGolian has filed another ethics complaint against Cullars. The councilman says he learned some things after an ethics training session in Athens recently.

Councilman Cullars said, “Number one it shouldn’t have been filed. Number two you can’t file an ethics on a person that’s on the phone so it’s all out of whack.”

Despite differences, business continued at Monday’s council meeting. Leaders approved one-time $1500 bonus for full-time employees who worked during the pandemic and a $750 bonus for part-time workers.

Councilman Cullars said, “I’m pleased with it because we got to move forward and pay our people what they deserve to be paid because we’ve started losing people because they’re not making enough money for what they do.”

“We’re not elected to vote only what’s best for a certain district. We’re elected to vote what’s best overall for the city and that’s what I hope we do and I think we will,” said Mayor deGolian.

Councilman Charles Wagner wants the city attorney to take a look at the city’s code of ethics. deGolian says they are planning a council workshop soon so everyone can build their relationships up.

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