STATESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – The journey of Davon and Tavon Woods has been a story that has had people talking.

The two brothers walked from Georgia to Florida with the goal of raising awareness about the foster care system.

“Davon and I we got removed from our biological family at birth due to my mom doing drugs, so we got snatched away from our family at birth and placed in to foster care,” said Tavon.

The twins time in foster care was difficult, so as they got older they wanted to make sure that other kids didn’t go through the same things that they did.

The twins walked for four and half days, and when word got out about their story, people from all over stopped by to help them out.

“Every town that we went in, it was like God had people in place. It was crazy, like Air BNB’s paid for, restaurants taking care of us,” said Davon.

Everyone wanted to see the twins succeed, so it was no surprise that when they arrived at their final destination that people were waiting to greet them and congratulate them on getting the job done.

On they way back to their home, the twins stopped by the towns that they passed through.

“It was amazing, we went in to every town and everyone was showing love, and we we’re giving out shirts because they gave to us,” said Davon.

The Woods Twins mission to raise awareness for foster care isn’t over, in fact it’s just starting.

“We’re going to walk in each state. We already did Georgia to Florida so we got 48 left. So we’re going to do a walk in each state before the end of the year, averaging 20 miles in each state,” said Tavon.

The Twins hope this new mission will inspire others to walk with them, but most importantly that it helps kids in the foster care system.