Update | Day 5 (WJBF) – It’s been a long and hard road for the Woods Twins. Due to severe weather conditions in the area they were unable to walk the last stretch, but the Woods Twins wanted to finish strong.

They had someone take them close to their destination and then walk 4 miles in the rain to their final destination.

The 4 miles were dedicated to a 4-year-old who passed away in the foster care system due to severe injuries.

Upon arriving the twins were greeted by those who had been following their journey.

When the Woods Twins started this walk 5 days ago their goal was to raise awareness about the foster care system, and they have done just that.

New stations, social media, and more followed them as they walked, and it’s safe to say, the message is out there.

The Woods Twins may have been sore, and, tired, but that wouldn’t stop them from getting their message out, about kids in foster care.

They’re thankful for everyone that helped them along the way, and for anyone that shared their story.

Update | Day 4 (WJBF) – Twins, Davon and Tavon Woods incredible journey continues Thursday as they leave from Nahunta, Ga and are now heading to Folkston, Ga.

Wednesday, the twins dedicated 21 miles of their walk to the 21 victims of the elementary school shooting in Texas.

Right now they’re expected to arrive in Florida, Friday, WJBF NewsChannel 6 will keep you updated as the Woods twins get closer to their goal.

Update | Day 3 (WJBF) – Twins, Davon and Tavon Woods, are continuing their journey. Wednesday makes day three in their expedition.

In light of the shooting at an elementary school in Texas Tuesday, the twins are dedicating 21 miles of today’s walk to the 21 victims killed.

The two are walking from Jesup to Nahunta, Georgia which is 30 miles. Both men have been sharing their experiences with the physical and emotional pain this foster care campaign is putting on them

Update | Day 2 (WJBF) – Davon and Tavon Woods are keeping NewsChannel 6 and all their supporters updated as they begin Day 2 of their journey to raise awareness for foster care.

The twins are headed to Glennville and Jesup, Georgia, Tuesday.

The two men are grateful for all the love and support from businesses and the public.

They take all the necessary precautions to make this journey go as smoothly as possible.

STATESBORO, Ga. (WJBF)Davon Woods and his twin brother Tavon‘s lives have been shaped by their time in foster care.

“Me and my brother got taken away from our biological parents at birth due to our biological mom using drugs while pregnant with us. So, they took us right out the hospital,” said Woods.

They were in the system for 17 years.

“The name that I got now is not even my biological name. They changed it,” said Woods.

Growing up in the foster care system was tough for the two brothers.

“It was so hard growing up not hearing ‘I love you’…not being shown any affection,” said Woods.

Now, Woods and his brother are advocates for foster care. They’re embarking on a journey to raise awareness of the foster care system. They’ll be walking from Georgia to Florida for the cause.

“Often times in foster care, people don’t walk the extra mile for these kids and go above and beyond. We’re walking all this way to bring awareness and shine light on a very dark topic and just to give kids all around the world hope because a lot of kids in foster care…they want to give up. So, by us pushing and walking those long miles it’s going to give kids all around the world the motivation to keep going,” said Woods.

The Woods brothers plan to walk for about five days, walking 12 to 15 hours each day.

“We are walking the extra mile for our kids in foster care. We started, we are up, and ready,” said Woods.

And plenty of people are stopping by to show their support.

“We got the sheriff behind us supporting,” said Woods.

With all the love and support they’re receiving and their own personal drive, the Woods brothers are on their way to completing an amazing journey.

“Those kids are going to be the ones who actually allow me to keep pushing. No matter how tired I am, no matter how I may be feeling, no matter if I’m aching…I’m going to do whatever I can to finish this walk, because it’s bigger than me,” said Woods.

We’ll be following the Woods brothers’ journey. Be sure to check back to see more photos and videos.