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Tiny Trooper proves nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams

(WJBF) - A little boy born with fetal alcohol syndrome proves that nothing can stop you from making your dreams come true.

"It's not safe to drive that fast. So I'm going to give you a warning.  Have a good day!" 

There's a new Sgt. stopping speeders in Georgia.  He's from Ohio and he's 12 years old.

"He is incredibly respectful, has great attention to detail, follows through to be the best he can be," says Sgt. Travis Rinehart

Watching him handle K-9s, crawl through his SWAT bearcat, and climb aboard his motorcycle, you'd never know it, but Brett was born with speech apraxia stemming from fetal alcohol syndrome.  

One day his dad got a speeding ticket.

"I liked the uniform," 'Sgt' Brett tells me. "I liked the car and I liked how they talk."

How they talk: the quiet little boy started talking all things trooper.

"It changed his life," says Bonnie Desloover Holbrook. "When we started, he held on to me and waited for me to talk. He didn't want to talk to people. Now he goes off with anyone."

Goes off with his hat and his uniform his mom made and his cardboard bullet proof vest.  He went around to all 59 patrol posts in Ohio but then set his sights on all 50 states.

"In competitive spirit, I'm going to say, Georgia set the bar pretty high. It's going to be hard to top us."

GSP put on a show for him.  At home, Sgt. Holbrook patrols his neighborhood on his bike, but he says there isn't a lot going on.

"When there's not a lot going on, I help people, I do a little bit of everything." 

And don't most troopers do that? Like GSP did for Sgt. Holbrook.  

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