GEORGIA (WJBF) — A new study shows that some Georgia residents are looking outside of the Peach State for places to live, with three states being the most considered for relocating.

The study put together by moving company specialist Moving APT examined which states residents wanted to relocate or move to based on analyzing Google search data.

The data shows that Georgia residents looking to move out of the state favor Florida as their top choice of a place to move to. Outside of Florida, Georgia residents also strongly considered New York and California as options.

The search terms analyzed included “houses in,” “Zillow,” “Apartments in,” “Living in,” “Move to,” “Live in,” and “Relocate to.” The study looked at the combined searches for each U.S. state name to find which were most in-demand in each state.

What is most interesting about the data is that the three states Georgians look at moving to have a much higher cost of living. In Florida, the average house price is $415,762, or about 31% higher than the average in Georgia. In New York, you’d pay about $58,000 more for a home than you would in Georgia. And in California, the average house price is $816,804, or about a 157% increase from what you would pay in Georgia.

Of the study, a spokesperson for Moving APT noted that in their findings most people consulted Google before making a move to another state.

“By analyzing the number of searches for terms relating to moving house, we were able to get a good picture of which states residents have the desire to move to,” said the spokesperson, “California was the most frequently searched for state to relocate to by far, coming out top for half of the US states.”