(WJBF)Six Flags White Water opened for it’s 38th season, and along with that is the debut of their new water slide, Python Plunge.

We had a chance to head to Six Flags White Water and test out the new slide first hand.

The summer months are creeping up on us, and as the summer months come it gets hot, and when it gets hot you need to cool down and what better way to do that then to come out here to Six Flags White Water.

I have Dedra here with me. We are here today and we are talking about the brand new ride, the Python Plunge, Dedra tell us a little bit about it.

“Certainly, so the souths most thrilling water park opened up for the 38th season with that the debut of our brand new water slide, Python Plunge, it is a fast paced, two person slide featuring multiple swirling dips, and adrenaline pumping drops, we’re so excited to have it. It’s 5 stories high, with 500 feet of slithering slide,” said Communications Manager, Dedra Brown.

That sounds wild and I can’t wait to try it out. Let me ask you this, is this ride family friendly is this more for adults?

“This is a family friendly park so we have multiple attractions here that are great for the family and Python Plunge just adds to that excitement for families. It’s 48 inches to ride, 42 inches, you still can ride you just have to ride with someone that’s 48 inches or above, so we’re ready, we’re excited to have those kids and families out,” said Brown.

Six Flags White Water is opened now and is boasting a fresh coat of paint on the park, improved landscaping, new food and retail offerings, and more.