ATLANTA (WJBF) – Senator Raphael Warnock outlined his top priorities for the peach state, Tuesday.

Senator Warnock also introduced new​ legislation to help Georgia farmers of color get $5-billion in relief money, and wants congress to pass the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package quickly to help Georgians impacted by the pandemic.

Georgia’s newest Senator also wants more vaccines in people’s arms.

“Make no mistake is that my top priorities to get the vaccines under control so we can address the health of our citizens and our economy.”

Warnock says he wants congress to pass COVID-19 relief to help Georgia families.

“Our state’s hard working families stand to lose jobs, have already lost jobs, stand to lose housing and the ability to put food on the table. We have to get control over this virus – it is a matter of life and death.”

He wants more funding to keep schools safer and also get Georgians $2,000 in relief payments.

“We are focused on rental and mortgage assistance. We know that housing provides the stability for other things to work – education of our children, maintaining one’s health care, mental health.”

Warnock hopes to expand Medicaid coverage and get better health care for Georgians

“We have to ensure that the 500,000 georgians who are currently out of coverage can receive coverage.”

Regarding this week’s Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump, Senator Warnock says he took an oath and will sit as an impartial juror and listen to all the evidence in the trial.