AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Coverage you can count on begins with just three days from election night.  And candidates running for statewide races gave a final push to gain the community’s vote. 

Election night is almost here and candidates are out making sure people are voting. Governor Brian Kemp and Senator Raphael Warnock made a stop just a few days shy of election day. 

Early Saturday morning, Governor Brian Kemp held a breakfast in Columbia County at Evans Town Center Park. 

He spoke to the people about his current term and what he hopes to continue doing in the near future, if re-elected. 

“People will ask you ‘hey you supporting Kemp,’ and you say yes, I’m supporting him, and they gon’ say why and you gon’ say ’cause I know him. ‘Cause he’s looked me in the eye and told me what he would do, and he has done it and he wants to keep doing it,” Governer Kemp said.

He says in the past two years, Georgia has had two record years in a row when it comes to creating jobs.

George Bratcher, a supporter of Governor Kemp, says he voted for the incumbent because he is dependable.

“The reasons, you know, I support Governor Kemp, one is he says what he means. And also, just that strong leadership– I mean, uh, campaigns could be tough– we saw that in 2020 and he really stood up.”

Senator Warnock held a meet and greet in Grovetown before making his way to Broad Street where he visited local residents at their home. 

“So, I say build out the road and make it wide and make it long so that everybody can get to where they need to go– that’s what you hired me to do.”

“I use my faith to bring people together, not to divide them. It is not for me a weapon, it’s a bridge,” Warnock said.

Saturday evening Sen. Warnock spent time in Augusta knocking from door to door.

“The concerns of working people, the concerns of women, the concerns of our children. That’s what I do and I’m proud to do it for you every single day– I still wake up,” Warnock said.

Pierre Luke says he was not expecting the state Senator to show up at his doorstep.

“Senator Warnock– I mean, it’s– it’s a dream to– to see him. I filmed him a couple of years ago, now I’m seeing him in person again. So, this is really, really good. I think everybody should go out and vote and uh, yeah, get the right people in office,” Luke said.

If you haven’t already, be sure you make your way to the polls and get your vote in by this Tuesday.