ATLANTA (WJBF) – Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff is pushing for new legislation to get COVID relief for smaller cities in the peach state.

Ossoff wants the U.S. Senate to allocate funds, all part of the larger COVID relief bill, which should be out in the next few weeks.

In his first few weeks in office, Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff is co-sponsoring a bill to help all Georgians.

“The thing I have noticed is that these institutions move slowly. I am urging my colleagues to move as fast possible to pass direct economic relief, the economic payments for families.”

“Last year when the cares act passed it was just the largest cities in the country!”

Ossoff says many smaller cities were left to scramble especially those with a population of less than half a milion.

“Augusta, Columbus, Savannah need that direct help and helps the local health infrastructure with vaccine distribution. We have to make sure our smaller cities are included and that’s my top priority in the last week at the senate.”

Ossoff said he spoke to many mayors and local leaders across Georgia, and that’s why he wants federal funds distributed to other cities in Georgia, not just metro Atlanta.

“These last few days that Augusta, Columbus and Savannah and small cities are included in this relief and all the help just doesn’t go to the biggest cities in the country.”

He says the funds would help towns to save jobs, improve public safety, help with education and provide relief with covid recovery efforts.

“So in the short term, covid relief, economic relief, vaccines are our top priority. They are my highest priorities in the us senate.”

Ossoff says his long term goal is to bring more jobs to Georgia by investing in infrastructure and clean energy, as well as passing a voting rights act to end voter suppression.