ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff is introducing a new legislation in congress that would create thousands of energy jobs in Georgia.

Senator Jon Ossoff says The Solar Energy Manufacturing For America Act would strengthen solar manufacturing and reduce dependency on foreign companies.

“This legislation will bring more clean energy jobs to Georgia while creating tens of thousands jobs across the country. It will help us be energy independent.”

Ossoff says it would ramp up production of solar panels and provide a tax credit to domestic manufacturers to keep jobs local.

“We have fallen behind this technology but Georgia already hosts the largest the solar manufacturer in the western hemisphere,” said Senator Ossoff.

Ossoff’s proposal is part of a larger infrastructure bill to make American companies more competitive.

Senator Ossof said, “This is the future of American manufacturing. We are talking about tens of thousands of skilled jobs across the country, many in GA. Great opportunities for young people to make a living in skilled trades and produce this technology which is vital to American competitiveness, energy independence and environmental sustainability.”

Ossoff says it would be a win environmentally and economically.

“This legislation will create many more clean energy jobs in GA, it will create tens of thousands of jobs nationwide,” said Ossoff.

Georgia has more than 100 solar companies so far and Ossoff says this bill would boost Georgia’s solar sector and create more jobs.

Just recently, the senator helped resolve an international trade dispute to save an electric vehicle battery plant recently in Georgia that provided more than 2 billion dollars in investment to create 2,600 jobs in the state.