Road crews prep for winter weather

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As we get closer to the first day of winter, the weather that comes with the season is settling in the River Region. The Georgia Department of Transportation took precautions to make sure you’re safe on the roads. 

Here in the River Region, we rarely see snow. However, we still can get some dangerous road conditions during the colder months.

“They can always be improved,” said Maria Klingel.

That’s exactly what GDOT did. They cleaned up the streets using brine, a mixture of salt and water.

GDOT Spokesman Kyle Collins said, “It’s a pre-treatment preventive measure that we use to get out on the roadways. Its intended to limit the bonding of ice to the pavement so getting out in front of a potential storm to limit issues that might come up.”

“Its wet and very cold and there’s a lot of holiday traffic so I’m just trying to drive slow and careful,” added Tammi Kanner.

GDOT applied brine to interstates in the northern areas of the river region.

“We were able to hit Bobby Jones Expressway. All the ramps and over passes. We also did the same on Interstate 20 from Covington area all the way through to Augusta and the South Carolina line,” said Collins.

Contract workers also brined state highways like Riverwatch Parkway. 

Now some of you may be concerned about brine getting on your car because of the salt. Collins said that’s a valid concern.

Collins explained, “Probably not the best thing to have a lot of salt on your vehicle so if folks do get a chance to get there car wash I would advise them. Just know we’re not putting this stuff out there to damage folks vehicles its just apart of the process and one of the treatments we use to keep them safe.”

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