Recapping Georgia Governor debate between Abrams, Kemp, Metz

Georgia News

It was a tense first televised debate between the Georgia candidates for Governor, featuring Democrat Stacey Abrams, Republican Brian Kemp and Libertarian Ted Metz.

A fire alarm set the tone for a hotly contentious debate in Georgia’s race for Governor.

“Once again, my opponent Mr. Kemp is being misleading and using cherry picked information,” said Abrams.

“She’s lying about my record to hide her extreme agenda,” said Kemp.

Rather than providing a buffer, Libertarian candidate Ted Metz stoked the fire.

“Secretary Kemp has grossly mismanaged the Secretary of State’s office. Ms. Abrams, you have similar problems with your own checkbooks. If you can’t manage your own finances and pay your own creditors, can you be trusted to manage the state budget?”

Those voting and finance issues at the forefront:

“I stake all my integrity on the way I run the Secretary of State’s office,” said Kemp.

“I have never had to be sued to do my job,” said Abrams.

Kemp ultimately declared he will not step down from office, even in the event of a recount.

Both candidates defended personal finance choices, with Abrams’ IRS approved tax deferment plan and Kemp’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans.

“I have always paid my taxes,” said Kemp.

“You can defer taxes, you can’t defer cancer treatment,” said Abrams.

On that note of health problems, Abrams said medicaid expansion will pull down more federal dollars that Georgians have already paid in and is the only way to care for Georgians and revitalize rural Georgia’s economy. Kemp vehemently opposes her plan.

“It should scare you to death.”

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