Rayshard Brooks protests in Atlanta

Georgia News

ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown Atlanta to demand justice for 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks.

The GBI says — two white police officers shot and killed Brooks, a black man, on Friday outside a Wendy’s parking lot after a brief scuffle when he refused arrest and ran off with a taser. City police say the officer who pulled the trigger is now fired, the other on administrative leave and the police chief resigning from her role.

The protests comes on the 3 week anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis — who died after police kneeled on him for nearly 9 minutes.

A new name. A new place. But the same old story.

“That was senseless at Wendy’s, we don’t need to kill black men. Enough is enough!”

Nina Atlanta Activist

“So not only are the white officers innocent civilians who do not have a  weapon but it’s also  black on black as well.”

Nacoleon Hillsman Atlanta Activist

“I want people to stop killing black men, stop killing them.” “I am tired of it, I am tired of hearing it“.

Nina Atlanta Activist

Protesters marching — to de-fund the police, change laws, and end systemic racism.

“The civil rights ended in 1865 and now its 2020, and 155 years later we are standing here with confederate monuments in our state capitol.”


As lawmakers met inside the state capitol in Atlanta, protesters marched peacefully outside the state capitol demanding for criminal justice reform and pushed for a hate crime bill — Georgia one of the few states without such a bill.

“What’s happening on this earth is senseless , murder is enough why keep killing these kids for what?”

The black lives matter movement picking up steam with the recent deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

“We just want to love, live we want  our sons to live and go to sleep and rest finally at night. I don’t get rest.”

Protesters asking how many more lives it will take before changes actually take place.

“Why are we still coming outside march about the same issues 60, 100 years ago, that’s not okay.”

Nacoleon Hillsman Atlanta Activist

“If I had to ask take my life not my son’s life — they don’t know hate, they know love.”

Nina Atlanta Activist

Autopsy results show 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks died from two gunshot wounds to the back — the death being ruled a homicide.

The district attorney says the charges for those two police officers could include murder, felony murder or involuntary manslaughter with a decision expected by Wednesday.

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