Protesters clash with police in Atlanta for 4th night

Georgia News

ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s now a week George Floyd died in Minneapolis, and that has sparked anger and race related tensions in cities across America including Atlanta, where protesters have marched for 4 days straight.

Atlanta police have arrested more than 350 people since Friday, and today — peaceful protesters marched from Atlanta City Hall but police ended up barricading them, as some headed to the interstate.

Atlanta Bureau Chief, Archith Seshadri, joined the protesters and was trapped in the commotion.

For the third night in a row, Atlanta will have another curfew at 9:00 P.M. to end the violence in the city. During the day it’s a much different scene – -we see people holding up signs, chanting police the police, no justice no peace, and also saying hands up don’t shoot. They moved from City Hall to memorial — with a huge police presence.

“They have us surrounded on all 4 sides — we can’t leave.”

Aaron Romano

“Now we’re blocked off I don’t know where we’re supposed to go.”

Corey Williams

This is Aaron Romano’s second peaceful protest since Friday.

“They don’t want us to move – they tell us as soon as we move we’ll be arrested.”

Aaron Romano

“I am pissed was arrested for no reason, he told us to get out of the street. The officer hits him and now he’s going to jail?”

Corey Williams

Romano says the police are escalating the violence

“They are insighting  us to riot. They want us to riot. They want to get a reaction out of us.

Aaron Romano

Atlanta police arrested around 55 people Monday, — some for blocking streets — others for marching towards the interstate.

“There was no issue — he told us to get out of the street. We did move and now my friend is going to jail.”

Corey Williams

What started off as a peaceful protest quickly just a short while ago — police blocked off many protesters. Protesters say they were just out here peacefully protesting.

The police and the national guard are marching through downtown Atlanta right behind the capitol. We’re seeing a noticeable difference in how police are arresting people — many asking why?

“It’s injustice at it’s finest – so many cops, the national guard.  We don’t have weapons. We don’t have guns. We just have signs, we have our voices.”

Aaron Romano

This weekend — the city’s police chief fired two Atlanta officers for using excessive force on two college students after they smashed their car windows, and tased them.

“Stand with us, they should be outraged. Stand with us.”

Aaron Romano

Atlanta faces its third night of curfew as the clash between protesters and police continue.
The governor has extended the state of emergency until this weekend and has 3-thousand national guards on stand by to maintain order in the state.

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