Prosecutor says no charges yet in Georgia boy’s death

Georgia News
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A prosecutor says no new charges are imminent because of the identification of a boy who was found dead at a remote compound in northern New Mexico.

District Attorney Donald Gallegos said Thursday in an interview that authorities “need something else, actual cause of death, manner of death.”

Abdul-ghani Wahhaj went missing in December and authorities say he was taken from Georgia to New Mexico by his father, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj.

Authorities have said they believe the child died in February, when he was three.

Charges of child neglect were filed against the father and four other adults after a raid at the compound turned up 11 children living in filth with the adults.

The boy’s body was found on Aug. 6.

His father is being held on a warrant from Georgia that accuses him of abducting his son.

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