New Statesboro coffee spot benefits police

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STATESBORO, Ga., (WSAV) – For coffee lovers in Statesboro there will soon be a new brew for you to try. The police department is partnering with a local coffee shop to create its own special blend. 

That special blend of coffee will be sold at Cool Beanz Espresso Bar, and the owner David Hoyle, said 100 percent of proceeds from the sale will go towards the Statesboro Police Officers Foundation. 

It’s an organization run by community members with the purpose of helping the police department. Chief of Police Mike Broadhead said, in the past, the foundation has helped the police department purchase body armor and a dog for narcotics. 

He added with the sale of this special blend,  some of that money will go towards their fund which helps the families of fallen officers.

“They have a fund that helps if an officer was to die in the line of duty that they can immediately put some cash into their family to help them through funeral expenses right away, so we’re just really trying to bolster up that fund,” Chief Broadhead said. 

Before the blend becomes available to the public, Chief Broadhead said residents have a chance to name it.  This can be done on the Statesboro police department’s social media pages.

“This is an outreach idea right so the side benefit is that we’re going to raise some money for our foundation. We hope some sustainable money for them, long term you know, but really it’s about having fun with our community and just connecting with them,” Chief Broadhead explained. 

Coffee shop owner Hoyle said he’s glad to be a part of the process. Although he can not reveal the flavor of the special blend coffee right now, he said it could be a mixture of Brazilian, Ethiopian, or a Kenyan roast. 

He also said by being involved it shows the men and women in blue who have supported his business that he supports them.

“It’s just something that gives me a chance to give back to the community, to the police department and I just saw it as a wonderful opportunity,” Hoyle said.

The special blend is expected to be released within the next few month

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