AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A new Georgia law could help some food truck owners in the CSRA and across the state serve its customers without all the paperwork hassle.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch or stopping by for an early dinner, food trucks deliver meals to people right where they are, at work or on the go. And K’s Buffalo Wings owner Kothenia Mantey told us she cooks up exactly what customers want.

“I serve the best buffalo wings in Augusta,” Mantey said. “I have the best loaded baked potatoes. I have chicken tenders, loaded fries, buffalo fries.”

And as of January 1, Mantey can take her Augusta based wings and things to any of Georgia’s 159 counties. A new state law, House Bill 1443, gives her the green light to be mobile, without all of the health department hassle she and other food truck owners dealt with in the past.

“You were required to get a permit and inspection in every single county where you do business,” said Tony Harrison, President of the Food Truck Association of Georgia.

The change means less frustration for Mantey and many others with mobile restaurants.

She added, “When you get ready to go out, you don’t have to go through all the red tape now.”

The Food Truck Association of Georgia reports most mobile eateries operate in multiple counties. So that means, in some cases, up to 20 different permits and inspections. Now, there’s something like a statewide permit to make life easier.

“There’s now a database that allows those county health inspectors to go in, search and make sure that those trucks are permitted in a county, have been inspected and are operating in good standing.”

It’s a win for Slutty Vegan too. The popular Atlanta based vegan burgers, fries and pies restaurant is currently on tour. And its stop in the Garden City, complete with a long line of excited customers down 5th and Broad Street, comes without all the red tape.

“It’s a cost saver too. Obviously, we have our permit, our commissary and our home base. But being able to move around freely to other counties without having to go through that process has saved a lot of money and also a lot of time as well too,” said Joi Alexander, the National Director of Sales & Catering for Slutty Vegan.

The Food Truck Association of Georgia’s Tony Harrison said with the new law, there’s a big increase in the number of food trucks opening up. Locally, customers may see K’s in other counties.

“I always wanted to go to Atlanta and do some events,” Mantey said.

And Slutty Vegan just could make more returns to the CSRA.

“Maybe. Possibly. We’ll see,” Alexander laughed.