New Georgia Bill asks that rape kits be kept until crime is solved

Georgia News

Georgia has cleared its backlog of rape kits. But now, the sponsor of that rape kit bill has a new bill, which he says is necessary to bring justice to the survivors of sexual assault.

It’s hard to imagine waiting years for justice, but even if rape kits are tested, it sometimes takes decades to get a match in the database. When the attacker commits another crime, is caught and entered into the database. But right now, Georgia law only requires that kits be kept for 10 years.

Former prosecutor and state legislator Scott Holcomb intends to change that.

His new bill would require that kits be kept either until the crime is solved…or a sentencing occurs. Whichever comes last.

“The judge gave an incredibly light sentence. She had to testify, and she came up to me afterwards and said that she felt like she had been victimized again. And I share that with you because I’ve worked on these issues for some time and I want you to know why…I felt like  I failed her back then, and it still pushes me today,” said Rep. Holcomb. 

That bill passed unanimously in the House and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Little surprise, given it’s supported by prosecutors, law enforcement and even defense attorneys because of its potential to free wrongly convicted people.

That bill is one of many scheduled for Tuesday, the last day of the legislative session.

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