Motion filed in Federal Court requests specific measures to secure Georgia November election

Georgia News

A new motion filed in federal court against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp requests specific measures to make the November election more secure.

This after a judge ruled last month that the state’s election system is not secure and violates voters’ rights, but stopped short of ordering the switch to paper ballots.

Ashley Bridges

What’s new now is that the plaintiffs have the judge’s own words backing them that this election may be insecure — but now they’re tailoring the request to her concerns about the catch-22 with the effect on voters. And instead of asking for a complete overhaul to paper ballots, they’re requesting a few simpler switches.

First, they want poll books updated so people can exercise the right to vote. Voters have had problems of checking their poll place and reporting to it, only to be told it’s the wrong one.

Next, they want an audit of the paper ballots that are cast. They want the tapes from the machines tallied to ensure the number of votes matches the number of voters. And, if counties want to switch to paper, they want the judge to order that Secretary Kemp can’t stop them.

I asked why they think these requests might be granted.

“There is no legitimate reason to be against this, unless you’re trying to rig an election,” says Marilyn Marks of the Coalition for Good Governance. “These are things that only make the election more secure and the voter more confident.  They won’t cause long lines and won’t confuse anyone.”

The final ask:  that any December runoffs and future elections switch to paper until a new auditable system is in place. That’s something the judge has said she supports. 

At this point, the state has not filed a motion to counter that request.

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