More than five thousand citations issued during the New Year’s holiday travel period

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AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Overall, it was mostly a calm New Year’s holiday on CSRA roadways.

Across Georgia, troopers issued more than 5,000 citations and about 7,200 citations during the 30-hour New Year’s holiday travel period.

Georgia State Trooper Sergeant Ed Starling said, “One hundred percent proud of our guys here at Post 25 and around the state, and Georgia State Patrol. Incredible mission, incredible group of guys and they work hard.”

Troopers serving the CSRA stayed busy New Year’s Eve night but thankfully the number of traffic incidents didn’t go up from years past.

“In recent years, we have seen an increase in people taking taxis and people using services like Uber and Lyft and things like that so I think obviously, that’s the most responsible choice. And we would encourage that to continue,” said Sgt. Starling.

Authorities showed us the numbers in our area.

Nine people were arrested for DUI. Checkpoints were set up sporadically and more troopers were patrolling downtown Augusta than normal.

Sgt. Starling explained, “A lot of times there’s some confusion when they’re coming up to a checkpoint. They think it may be a crash and people do turn around legitimately to see but we do check them out to make sure they’re not turning around.”

Not a single person died locally from a traffic accident in the New Year’s holiday travel period.

Sgt. Starling added, “One thing we saw, which is typical and extremely dangerous, some of the people we arrested for DUI had a sober passenger in their front seat and could’ve made a better decision so in the future, I hope that will change.”

Statewide, GSP investigated 103 accidents. About 160 people were arrested for DUI. Only two people died during the 30-hour holiday period.

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