UPDATE, 6:24 P.M. – According to Georgia State Patrol, the remaining cattle have been gathered near a pasture south of the Interstate and personnel are working to round them up.

All lanes of I-20 have reopened.

UPDATE, 5:27 P.M. – We now have more information about the livestock trailer fire on I-20 that set several cows loose.

According to Georgia State Patrol, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance shortly after noon. The rear axles of the livestock trailer caught fire and the driver opened the rear doors in an attempt to save as many cows as they could. Several cows did die.


About 15 cows were set loose, roaming the Interstate. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office contacted citizens with horses and ATVs to help corral the roaming cattle.

As of 4:50 p.m., 11 cows remain at large.

UPDATE, 2:44 P.M. – According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, one lane of I-20E is back open, and traffic is slowly flowing as westbound lanes were not impacted. 

Authorities say the right eastbound of I-20 lane remains shut down while Chancey’s Wrecker service loads the trailer for towing. 

GREENE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Cows are loose on Interstate 20 in Greene County, Georgia.

According to Lynn Carter, who supplied us with video, the animal in this video is between exits 138 and 142 on the eastbound side in between Crawfordville and Greensboro.

Georgia State Patrol tells us that a cattle trailer caught fire and several cows got out onto the interstate.

They’ve told us that some Greene County citizens have responded on horseback to help wrangle the cows.

Traffic is slow or at at a stand-still as roadwork is also being done.

Police and Fire have responded to the scene.