Missing family found dead in Georgia

Georgia News

OCALA, Fla. (WJBF) – A Florida mother and her four kids, who have been missing for weeks, have been found dead in southeast Georgia.

Ocala authorities believe the woman’s husband, Michael Jones Jr. killed them. Jones stored the bodies in his house and van, before taking the remains to Georgia, according to investigators.

Police say the wife’s body was found in his vehicle after he got into a crash in Brantley County, Georgia on September 15.

Jones later led detectives to the remains of his four kids, in the woods in a nearby county.

“As a father, as a parent, it breaks my heart. As a sheriff, it angers me to no end. Something to this degree, how a human being can even do this,” said Marion County Florida Sheriff Bily Woods.

The wife is identified as 32-year-old Casei Jones, and the children ranged in age from one to 10 years old.

Other family members reported them missing September 14.

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