Georgia lawmakers, GBI launch Human Exploitation & Trafficking Unit

Georgia News

ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Georgia lawmakers have launched a new task force to end modern day slavery, after the FBI lists Atlanta as one of the top 14 cities in the country for human trafficking.

The GBI launched HEAT (Human Exploitation And Trafficking Unit) to stop sex traffickers in the state on July 1st.

The GBI will assign six agents who will solely focus on commercial and labor trafficking and help victims to adjust back to society.

The FBI says the U.S. has around 1.5 million victims of human trafficking.

The GBI says Georgia is a haven because it has a large metropolitan city, a major international airport, a robust highway system and several sporting events.

Despite the pandemic, the attorney general says the crime has not slowed down.

Lawmakers say traffickers are now luring younger victims as kids head to virtual learning.

“We are seeing this in rural areas as well,” says Vic Reynolds, GBI Director. “Anywhere you see truck stops and in hotels and motels at interstates throughout the state. We have a lot of area to cover with this new unit. We’re exciting to get the ground running.”

Georgia’s First Lady Marty Kemp launched the Grace Commission which provides free training for state employees on what signs to look for and how to stop sex trafficking in Georgia.


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