Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan on what worked and what didn’t during legislative session

Georgia News

Coming out of this year’s legislative session, Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan spoke about what worked, what didn’t, and what he hopes for ahead.

In case you missed it, before he was Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor, Geoff Duncan played ball. That might explain the way he set up his goal for Lieutenant Governor.

“What I said at the beginning of session was I wanted to be a good umpire. If what was said at the end was I was a really good umpire, then I accomplished my goals. 

Goals he certainly achieved this session, along with Governor Kemp.

“We got a lot of big ideas. We had rookie governor and rookie lieutenant governor that came into these roles. We got a lot of those big ideas accomplished. Maybe caught some people off guard.”

With medicaid waivers and the heartbeat bill being two of his biggest wins, delivering on campaign promises, standing firm by his beliefs even as the film industry has questioned Georgia.

“The heartbeat bill is something that is more important than the politics. We’ll continue to put our best foot forward. I think Georgia is a great business friendly state to do business in. We’re going to continue to look for ways to put that message out there. For all industires, not just the film industry.”

Saying that’s proof he’s about policy over politics.

“If I cared about politics I’d be trying to thread the needle on every issue and capture certain districts. I want to be good on the policy.”

Duncan saying moving forward, he plans to focus on issues that reach all of Georgia: healthcare.

“Everybody in Georgia wants two things: better access to healthcare, in rural and suburban areas, and they want more affordable healthcare.”

And education. 

“Education is going to be a big part of our continued push in the senate. 11 million Georgians expect us to get it right. Ultimately education is about the kids, not about the system, not about the teachers.”

Expressing support for vouchers, along with support of public schools.  Big battles that will surely be hard fought…no pressure right?

“Pressure arrived in my life on a mound… bases loaded, no outs and haven’t thrown a strike in 7 minutes, that’s pressure and the only person that can solve that is you.”

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