ATLANTA (NEXSTAR) – Organizers will hold a peaceful rally on Saturday at 1 p.m. at Sylvania city hall to remember 60-year-old Julian Lewis.

Community organizers, faith leaders and family members are demanding for audio and video footage from the night of the incident on August 7th.

Authorities say it happened on a dirt road in Screven County.

Jacob Thompson

The GBI says a Georgia State Trooper, 27-year-old Jacob Gordon Thompson, gave chase to a Nissan Sentra for an alleged broken taillight.

Police say the trooper performed a pit maneuver which caused Lewis to crash into a tree.

The GBI says, after that, the trooper shot Lewis in the forehead and killed him, and says Lewis died on the scene.

A week later, the GBI arrested Officer Thompson and charged him with felony murder and aggravated assault.

Thompson is still behind bars in Screven County.

But now more than a month later, Lewis’ lawyers are demanding for more justice and want a statewide policy of ‘use of force.’

Lewis’ family members, supporters and lawyers say that “enough is enough” and the violence against unarmed black men needs to end now.

“We are asking not to live in fear. Everyday black and brown people to do simple tasks like go get a soda from the store,” said Lewis’s son, Brook Bacon.

A justice caravan will leave Atlanta on Saturday and head to Sylavania for a peaceful protest.

Organizers hope such rallies will help bring an end to violence against unarmed African American men.