Also called modern day slavery, human trafficking affects millions of lives — and unfortunately Georgia is one of the leaders in the number of people trafficked.

Human trafficking may be the most talked about around big events like the Super Bowl and The Master’s, but for many Georgians, particularly youth – it’s a devastating daily reality.

A bill passed this session to stiffen penalties for sex trafficking, but a commission led by Georgia’s First Lady, Marty Kemp, is studying it in depth to focus on how to stop it before victims are lured in.

The group named the GRACE commission has leaders from major business in Georgia, trafficking non-profits, and law enforcement. They say people don’t understand that this is happening everywhere in the state, both urban and rural:

First Lady Marty Kemp said, “Its in our backyard. Its affected people close to me. We have three daughters. We need to make it aware for thier friends, for everyone in this room. 

Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones (R)  Milton said, ” It affects those aging out of the foster care system or currently in the foster care system, young women of color, young men and women in poverty”.

First Lady Kemp has already been meeting with leaders and studying trafficking in-depth, but the first official meeting will be May 8th.