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ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s one of the fastest growing crimes in the world – human trafficking.

That’s why Georgia’s First Lady Marty Kemp set up the grace commission — the Georgians for refuge, action, compassion and education commission — to end sex trafficking in the state.

Atlanta Bureau Chief, Archith Seshadri, sits down exclusively with Georgia’s First Lady Marty Kemp on her initiative to fight modern day slavery.

You may have passed him in the street. She could be trapped right next door.

First Lady Marty Kemp
“She was robbed of her childhood, she never went to football games, homecomings, school – she had no normalcy. It just makes you want to hug them you are here to help”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp
“We didn’t even know it was an issue but we were moved by a family by this.”

First Lady Marty Kemp
“The research says its in 145 of 159 counties – it’s an 159 counties.”

They’re victims of human trafficking.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp
“It’s modern day slavery – the average age is a 14 year old child. I mean it’s horrific what’s going on. We need people to be our eyes and ears to report to law enforcement.”

A new study says 85-percent of victims are u-s citizens, mostly runaways. Georgia cares says more than half of the victims are trafficked by family or friends.

First Lady Marty Kemp
“Everybody has a story and everyone has a different story.
A lot of them were family members or friends that trafficked them that they trusted.”

Governor kemp has rolled out training for 80-thousand state employees to look for key signs.

First Lady Marty Kemp
“Having someone speak for you, victims don’t wear shoes.”

First Lady Marty Kemp says we need more recovery centers in the state to help victims transition back into normal life.

First Lady Marty Kemp
“We only have 70 beds in the state and have 700 calls or more – and we owe to these individuals who have been treated so terribly to be able to acclimate into life”

First Lady Marty Kemp
“They have a chance at a better life”

Georgia is a hot bed for human trafficking because of the easy access to interstates and a major international airport.

If you do see something suspicious, please call the national human trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or text 233-733.

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