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Help on the way from Augusta to Albany

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- - Help is on the way to Albany Georgia. This southwest Georgia City was hit hard by Hurricane Michael.
Homes were damaged or destroyed, and a local group is lending a helping hand.

Augusta's Salvation Army is serving lunch to people in Albany affected by the storm. They left Friday morning with three meals for more than 750 people. 

"These people don't have houses. They no longer have jobs to go to. They don't have transportation," Captain Philip Canning, Commander of Augusta's Salvation Army, explained. 

Hurricane Michael that tore through Florida as a Category 4 storm did not stop for Georgia. Coming in as a strong category 3, the destruction.. devastating, leaving more than 90% of the community without power. 

At least 15 Georgia Salvation Army teams are heading there to help, prepared to stay up to 2 weeks: "The storm team for Salvation Army was stationed in Atlanta before the storm hit so that they could begin making preparations, gathering resources."

Canning added Salvations Army units nationwide are available for assignment if needed.
Now.. it's feet to the ground, bringing trucks like this one filled with food: Breakfast items, sandwiches for lunch and a spaghetti supper. 

"Not only do your donations help us here in Augusta, but they can also reach out to our neighbors in other areas," Captain Canning said. 

This assignment is only made possible because of you, Augusta, and your donations to the Salvation Army. 

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