ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The race for Georgia’s next governor is heating up with more candidates announcing their bid to run, even though voters won’t elect the peach state’s top leader until next November.

Brian Kemp narrowly beat Stacey Abrams in 2018, while David Perdue lost to Jon Ossoff earlier this year for the U.S. Senate Seat and just announced his bid.

A slew of candidates on the republican ticket are eying for the Governor’s seat in Georgia.

Deborah Scott, CEO of Georgia Standup said, “They key issues that people care is access to healthcare, transportation, opportunities and broadband.”

Monday, former Senator David Perdue announced he will challenge Governor Brian kemp for the republican nomination. He’s the fifth republican to announce his candidacy.

Abrams jumped into the race last week, saying she won’t limit opportunity for Georgians based on zip code or background. As of now, Abrams is the only democrat in the race.

Bill Crane, Political Analyst for CSI Crane said, “But in this instance Stacey Abrams who has announced her candidacy has a clear field and no challenger. I will go ahead and forecast that this will be the end of the Georgia GOP dominance and will have down ticket effects.”

Some political analysts say, the numerous republican contenders could put the party at a disadvantage. Especially with former President Donald Trump saying he supports David Perdue. Some believe the republicans could end up doing more harm than good to their cause.

“It’s not a winning strategy. This is a circular firing squad that had started with other contests with Lt. Gov, Sec of State. It’s a free country – anyone who wants to run for office, can run but it’s extremely unusual and has never happened in GA since we had allowed the change in the constitution of 2 term governors,” said Crane.

Others say having more candidates gives voters a better chance to decide who is their best option.

Scott said, “It’s great because people get to hear all their issues and who will represent them best.”

“Part of the national democratic strategy is to stoke Republican in fighting,” said Crane.

Qualifying for the race takes place in March.

Stacey Abrams is the only democratic contender. Besides David Perdue and Brian Kemp, former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, Catherine Davis and Kandiss Taylor are all running on the GOP ticket for Governor and that could head to a run-off.