Governor Kemp faces backlash; explains testing plans as state reopens

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ATLANTA, Ga. – As more businesses in Georgia continue to re-open like restaurants and theaters, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp outlines why his plan works and how the State is planning to ramp up testing.

But as the Governor re-assured citizens about his decision to reopen the economy, this past week he has faced backlash from Mayors, the President and today lashed out at one media outlet.

Georgia’s Governor says the state now ranks 13th in terms of testing and 36th — for per capita testing.

“We have leveraged with partnerships with well respected CVS, Walmart, Walgreens to open more specimen collection sites so more symptomatic Georgians can get tested.”

Governor Kemp says there are more than 1000 critical care beds in the state and 2,800 ventilators available for use — the highest the state has ever had.

This past weekend, the Governor says only two large gatherings had to be to shut down that violated social distancing — but explained how some businesses are setting an example.

“He got a haircut this weekend. The lady had the door locked. She had to open the door, temeperature check him, made him use hand sanitizer he was the only who came in.  When he got done, he went out. She said I got to work – I was fixing to lose my car.”

Governor Kemp

Mayors across Georgia criticized the Governor’s decision and even the U.S. President himself. Governor Kemp says he sticks by his decision and has the data to prove it and this is not a mandate — just an option to re-open.

“You’re speaking both sides of your mouth. That’s what gets so frustrating.
Some news organizations just report the truth, they report the facts but then you have some that the truths and the facts are one way and then it’s completely different”

The Governor also talked about the new CDC guidelines when it comes to tracking symptoms of the coronavirus. So in addition to a fever, shortness of breath, and a cough– those new symptoms now include chills, shaking repeatedly will chills, muscle fatigue, headaches, sore throat and a loss of taste and smell.

The Governor says more than 3000 Georgia National Guard members have cleaned 90% percent of the state’s long term facilities.

The Governor’s Office says you can check this site for more testing.

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