Governor Kemp announces gang task force

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Governor Kemp announced his gang task force today

Today Governor Kemp was making good on a campaign promise. He’s long said that gangs are an issue infecting rural Georgia, not just here in Atlanta with an estimated 70,000 gang members across the state.

Stumping on the campaign trail, a gang task force was a frequent staple of Governor Kemp’s promises. It was also a big focus for his now appointed GBI director, Vic Reynolds.

Kemp flagged $500,000 for the initial task force, led by a young prosecutor, experienced with gang crimes and they’re just getting started.

Jaret Usher, gang task force lead:

“We can work across agencies to get across county lines as extensively as they’re committing crimes, because these criminals don’t care about county lines.”

They’ll start state wide trainings for prosecutors and investigators next month ans have a very clear, streamlined process for supporting rural areas.

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