ATLANTA (WJBF) – Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams both speaking out about their 2022 plan to become the state’s next governor.

The momentum picked steam after Abrams announced on social media on Wednesday, why she’s running, tweeting “Opportunity in our state shouldn’t be determined by zip code, background, or access to power.”

Governor Kemp talking about his key issues at the state capitol, just a day after Abrams announced her bid for running for governor in 2022.

Abrams says she has helped increase voter participation in Georgia and helped the state flip blue in the presidential and senate run-off elections.

“Voting isn’t magic – voting is medicine,” says Abrams. “It’s how we treat the ills of society and build our capacity for better and it’s resilience. Sadly we have new laws that are designed to thwart their participation. We know what we are facing but to encourage this is how we set the future.”

Incumbent Governor Brian Kemp says he has pushed for major reform in the peach state.

“Standing up about the cancel culture to big corporations and MLB when she was pressuring them to move the game and flipped and stood up for the heartbeat bill, adopter and foster care reform,” says Kemp.

Even though former US President Donald Trump did not talk about endorsing Kemp, this could very well set up a rematch between Kemp and Abrams just like we saw in 2018.

Abrams lost out to incumbent Governor Kemp in 2018, with a small margin, claiming voter fraud, but says she’s used the last few years to help Georgians pay off medical debt, expanded vaccine access and help small business stay afloat.

“Georgians care about having a governor that will keep their families safe when you have people being shot and law enforcement and people being killed in the metro area,” says Kemp.

“Georgians are in pain. They need leadership and support. My mission is to show them what a great Georgia can look like,” says Abrams.

Both candidates pushing their agendas to convince Georgia voters.

Governor Kemp talking about his policies like handling the pandemic and increasing teacher pay, while Stacey Abrams pushing for rural internet access as well as expand Medicaid in Georgia.