Georgia voter issues debated in court

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The 2020 election is still a year and a half away but voter issues are being debated in federal court. 

After the 2018 election when Stacey Abrams acknowledged Brian Kemp’s win, Abrams vowed to fight Georgia’s alleged voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Now, her voter advocacy group Fair Fight Action is one of several with cases in court against the Secretary of State’s office.

The suit claims that in the 2018, Georgia’s government enforced unconstitutional measures and “engaged in gross mismanagement that resulted in an election that deprived Georgia citizens and particularly citizens of color of their fundamental right to vote.” Specifically citing purging thousands of voters from the rolls, an exact match program the court has already taken issue with, and problems with precincts. From lack of power cords to not enough machines. Electronic voting machines the suit claims need to go.

In response, the Secretary of State’s office has filed a motion to dismiss, claiming that the suit just intends to make headlines and that they “do not administer Georgia’s elections”, in spite of their own website which says the office “organizes and oversees all election activity.”

That case was in court Monday. We will update you on the latest.

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