ATLANTA (WSAV) — Two Cobb County Sheriff’s Deputies were shot and killed in Marietta Thursday night while serving a warrant.

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office said the two deputies knocked on a door, returned to their car and that’s when another car pulled up. When they got out of the vehicle to talk to the suspect, shots were fired. 

Both the Cobb County Sheriff’s Deputies had served for more than five years in the department. 

New data shows Georgia ranks third in the country for attacks against police officers. A new report released by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund shows that even though police officer deaths have decreased by 30% in the last year, firearm-related deaths have gone up.

“Well, we have seen an increase in Georgia,” said Lance Lorusso a former police officer, lawyer and crime author. “We have seen a huge increase who officers who are killed.”

Analysts said there is a 115% increase in the ambush of officers in the line of duty.

“The Georgia statistics is we have had more and the ambush and violence has gone up exponentially in Georgia and around the country,” Lorusso said.

“The state of Georgia is #3 in the country with the highest rate only behind Texas and Florida,” said Troy Anderson, Executive Director of the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.

“These are situations where the officer is in a car, standing on a roadway, and being attacked for wearing their uniform.”

Lawyers who represent police officers in Georgia say it’s because criminals are being released too early or the false narrative that police officers are hunting people of color.

“I worked for the Cobb County Police when two officers were murdered 23 years ago,” Lorusso said. “The officers who worked there will never be the same. Raegan said when you kill a police officer it’s an entire nation that loses a member of the community.”

The Georgia Sheriff’s association supports the police officers and their families and gets involved after an officer-involved death.

Investigators say one-third of officers are assaulted and there’s a 20% increase in firearms used against officers with 33 officer deaths in Georgia so far in 2022.