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Georgia mom accused of filling child's sippy cup with alcohol, sneaking it into theater

ATLANTA (WSB) - A mother from Cobb County, Georgia, north of Atlanta, is facing charges after investigators say she filled her toddler's sippy cup with alcohol and then sneaked it into a movie theater. 

Brandi Rhymes, Neighbor:

"Awful for the children," said Brandi Rhymes who lives near the suspect. 

Three neighbors confirmed to WSB-TV that the suspect's name is Kristina Gibson. Police say her reckless conduct during a movie with her son put him in danger. 

"That's horrible," said Rhymes. "And like I said, very shocking for this neighborhood because it's very family oriented."

According to an arrest warrant obtained by WSB, Gibson filled her five year-old's sippy cup with an "strong alcoholic beverage" and became intoxicated in the theater.

"We go to the movies to have a good time but that's not the way to do it," said Joseph Ellison outside Merchant Walk Stadium Cinema in East Cobb where Gibson was accused. 

Police say Gibson was unable to walk, talk or care for her son who was crying during the movie. The say other moviegoers complained to theater employees and Gibson was asked to leave. 

"The movies are a place to have a good time, but there's different ways to do that rather than ingesting substances and the fact her child was with her," said Ellison.

Police say Gibson drank the alcohol in her child's sippy cup and possible combined it with prescription drugs. They say employees had to stop her from getting into her car. They also say she told an officer, "I'll (expletive) kill you."

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Gibson was not arrested on site because police felt she needed medical attention and she was taken to a hospital. 

Gibson had not turned herself in as of Wednesday afternoon. She is wanted on charges of reckless endangerment and public intoxication. 

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