Georgia lawmakers react to U.S. Capitol protests

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – State lawmakers in Georgia say the historic senate runoff almost became an afterthought after the commotion broke out in D.C. yesterday, just as the state announced its election results.

Atlanta Bureau Chief, Archith Seshadri, has the story on lawmaker reaction.

A day after protesters stormed through the us state capitol lawmakers in Georgia calling it stunning and shocking– saying it’s a violation of American democracy and the us must undergo a peaceful transition of power.

State Representative, Teri Anulewicz said, “What we saw yesterday on January 6th was shock and sadness and processing something that we haven’t seen since the beginning of the 19th century.”

State Representative, Randy Robertson said, “I think everyone was surprise by it all. What happened was unfortunate and disappointing.”

Lawmakers here say they have noticed an increase police presence and while there has not been any kind of reaction here or copy cat instances in Atlanta, there’s a heavy security presence.

“How did this happen. How was the capitol police not prepared for this,” said Anulewicz.

“Each individual citizen takes responsibility. The men and women should pay for it and address it in a court of law,” said Robertson.

“That’s not normal. It’s not American. For people to not denounce it is baffling, “added Anulewicz.

Lawmakers say when it comes to who takes the blame it starts at the top and that the U.S. President Donald Trump must send a clear message for a united America.

Anulewicz said, “Anyone who said there is major election fraud in Georgia, there has been none. Anyone who has perpetrated those lies is responsible that was feeding the beast that invaded the U.S. Capitol.”

And closer to home, lawmakers focusing on the upcoming legislative session — that starts Monday. It will be a little different with more social distancing, masking, and getting tested.

Governor Brian Kemp authorized the use of the National Guard in case protesters become violent in Georgia.

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