Georgia Insurance Commissioner indicted on fraud charges, in FBI custody

Georgia News

(WJBF) – Georgia Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck is in FBI custody. He surrendered Thursday after being accused of fraud and money laundering.

The 38 charges come from when Beck was the chairman of the Georgia Underwriting Association, a group that provides insurance to homeowners who might not otherwise be able to get it because of high risk.

The indictment claims Beck created multiple companies, including one called the Christian Coalition, and tricked friends using an elaborate invoicing scheme, over five years.

“Stole more than 2 million dollars from his former employer. ” 

The government claims Beck used that money to pay his taxes and credit card bills and fund his campaign…charges in stark contrast to his campaign ads, spoofing a State Farm ad, while touting his character as a businessman and husband.

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner released a statement saying the charges “have no bearing on his service as an elected official to the people of Georgia” and that he maintains his innocence.

And the U.S. attorney issuing a stern takeaway…

“Holding a powerful position does not shield you from the sins of your past criminal activities. Justice and rule of law will catch up to you eventually,”   

Governor Brian Kemp sent Beck a letter, requesting he resign as Insurance Commissioner.

You can read that full letter HERE.

So far, no response from Beck.

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