Georgia Governor candidates talk plans for school safety

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A scare at an Atlanta-area high school this week, with an alleged shooter on campus, prompted us to ask the two main candidates for Georgia Governor how they plan to keep students safe.

The incident at Campbell High School really brought the critical, but hotly controversial, national conversation about school safety closer to home.  

Obviously everyone says they want safer schools, but I asked Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp what they specifically plan to do about it.

Abrams outlined a 3 point plan. 

First, responsible gun ownership through things like universal background checks and a 3 day waiting period.  

Second, using existing tax money that right now can only be used for improvements to school buildings to improve trained resource officer staffing, INSTEAD of arming teachers. 

Third, focusing on the kids inside the school.

“We have to invest in making sure our children are safe for themselves and don’t pose a threat to themselves or others. Invest in our buildings and resource officers, push for smart gun safety, and look out for young people in our classrooms, if we do those three things we can make our schools safer,” says Abrams. 

One well-loved teacher from Campbell High School tweeted in response:  

“The policies you have put forth are so sensible it is hard to fathom how anyone could disagree…and the last day I will work in a school is the first one where teachers are compelled to bear arms.”

Secretary Kemp says he’s spent some time this week traveling to schools around Georgia to learn their best practices and speak with educators, and he’s still putting together a comprehensive plan.

“Thinking outside the box on school safety, I’m trusting the locals right now but I think there’s things the governor needs to be involved in that we can help support their efforts,” says Kemp.

Coming up next week, I’m tracking what progress the Senate School Safety Committee has made hearing ideas from across the state, and what they actually plan to do with it.

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