Georgia Governor Brian Kemp delivers first State of the State address

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Thursday, newly minted Georgia Governor Brian Kemp gave his first state of the state address to the joint chambers of the Georgia legislature.

Kemp drew from a biblical parable that he says always inspired him as a builder, and that he now draws on for inspiration while aiming to continuing building Georgia’s success.

Kemp says he inherited a solid foundation from Governor Deal, with the state’s robust economy in certain metro areas, that host film or cyber — but that that isn’t enough

“While places like Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah and Columbus continue to grow and thrive, it still feels like the Great Recession in parts of rural Georgia.  Businesses are closing.  Opportunities are drying up.”

Kemp says he’ll combat that by by focusing on rural development, particularly rural broadband.

He also touched on education and the poor access to healthcare in Georgia, with 64 counties with no pediatrician…and 9 with no doctor at all.

“The status quo is unacceptable”

Looking back to that parable, as he attempts to move Georgia forward.

“Pick up a hammer and nails. Together we can build a safer, stronger Georgia.”

A more subtle call for unity and action across the aisle.

Kemp also talked a lot about the parts of the state decimated by Hurricane Michael and thanked the President for federal relief — premature thanks because those dollars won’t actually make it to Georgia until a federal budget is passed and the shutdown is over.

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