Georgia farmers having trouble making ends meet after Hurricane Michael damage

Georgia News

Georgia farmers were hit hard by Hurricane Michael back in October. 

The state legislature held a special session to get them some emergency funding, but the bulk of the money for relief was supposed to come from the federal government. 

It hasn’t arrived and that has left farmers unable to make ends meet.

With 7 months since  farmers were decimated by Hurricane Michael — the federal government has still failed to deliver disaster relief funding to Georgia. 

Natural disasters from Michael to Maria in Puerto Rico causing a political impasee in Washington.  Governor Kemp saying here at home — the stakes are too high for squabbling:

“People in SW Georgia don’t care about politics they’re worried about losing their farm.”

A sentiment echoed by Senator Johnny Isakson:

“Some of our farmers are gone, declared bankruptcy, defaulted on their loans.”

Isakson saying these catastrophes aren’t the inexplicable part of the mess:

“Disaster isn’t what caused us to get together. Disaster is congress’s inability to pass a disaster aid bill.” 

Isakson has proposed a $13.6 billion dollar bipartisan aid package including $600 million to Puerto Rico. At a bill signing, Governor Kemp stating that the state’s 2.5 billion dollar rainy day fund can’t fill the gap in Georgia — of more than 3 billion dollars in aid that should head home here.

Kemp said, “Plan ‘b’ right now is for farmers in SW Georgia are going to go broke. We can’t wait for plan B.”

Isakson said, “I don’t want to leave this Friday without having done something.”

Kemp saying he knows what he wants —

“What I want to see is the dang bill to pass sooner rather than later.”  

And that this funding is something Georgia farmers can’t live without.

Isakson’s package would also include aid for veteran’s facilities and infrastructural issues affected by Hurricane Michael.

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