Georgia Democrats call for Sec. Kemp to resign due to Governor campaign

Georgia News

Calls in the Georgia capitol from Democrats for Secretary of State Brian Kemp to resign, with Democrats claiming that it’s not even about a conflict of interest, but about the need for Georgia to have a working Secretary of State.

They say he’s spending too much time campaigning for Governor.

At a press conference Tuesday, Democrats said Kemp’s calendar, which was obtained from the Secretary of State’s office through an open records request, shows that he is not doing the job for which taxpayers are paying him and they are calling on him to step down from that job.

They say polls show 46% of Georgians agree, and they point out that his calendar shows Kemp has barely been in the office at all.

“Since April, he has worked about one day a week,” says Rep. Nan Orrock. “And some weeks he was a complete no show. So instead of doing his job as Secretary of State, he spends his time campaigning and raising money while raking in money from taxpayers.”

Secretary Kemp doesn’t have to have meetings on his calendar or even be in the building to be doing his job as Secretary of State. 

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