Georgia Democratic nominees meet with workers on Labor Day

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Focusing on the Labor aspect of Labor Day, Georgia’s Democratic nominees for office met with workers from a wide range of industries, from agriculture to automobile and electrical to entertainment.

People from a mixture of ages, races and backgrounds gathered together to talk about what the party plans to do for working class Georgians, from the minimum wage, to healthcare for working Georgians, to education for their children.  

Nominee for Governor Stacey Abrams focused on growing small businesses around the state, not just bringing big companies into Atlanta.

“Cause here’s the thing.  We can bring Amazon to Georgia and create 50,000 jobs, but I want to be the governor who creates 10 jobs each in 5,000 small business, because that’s 50,000 jobs that never leave Georgia, and that’s how we grow our economy.”

Former Congressman John Barrow also engaged the crowd in his bid for Secretary of State.  Barrow broke down what the office actually means for voters.

“There are 700,000 people who depend on this office every day for the license they have to have to practice their profession, but for all 10 and a half million of us, we depend on this office every day because the secretary of state is the person we count on to make sure our elections are fair.  And I don’t think it’s fair if it’s harder for working folks to register than other folks.”

Barrow faces Republican Brad Raffensperger in November. Abrams will face Republican Brian Kemp in the race for Governor.

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