Georgia Democratic Convention Wrap Up

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The Georgia Democratic Party came together this weekend to focus on their statewide platform of “Georgia Thrive.” 

The platform focuses on education, small business development, and prosecuting gang violence.

“These are not radical beliefs, these are beliefs shared by voters I have met in every corner of our state. As a woman of faith, I know a thing or two about belief.”

Sarah Riggs Amico, the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor is speaking out as a mother and a Christian at Georgia’s Democratic Convention.

“Next to each our names will be a D for Democrat. Here’s what I believe that that D really stands for. I believe a sick child in 2018 should be able to go to the doctor, fullstop. I believe 21st century education deserves 21st century investment,” says Riggs Amico.

Fellow candidates for offices like Secretary of State and Attorney General are launching attacks while focusing on fair elections and cutting gang crime in Georgia.

“I’m here to tell you no institution of state government, not even the Secretary of State’s office, is so screwed up even that it can’t be fixed with new management,” says Georgia Secretary of State candidate John Barrow.

“My opponent has never prosecuted a traffic ticket, tried a case, never argued a motion in front of a judge and hasn’t practiced law in 17 years. If your grandmother, if your niece, if your favorite cousin needed an attorney would you ever in your right mind…?” says Georgia Attorney General candidate Charlie Bailey.

But Riggs Amico and Georgia Governor candidate Stacey Abrams are generally staying high, on values familiar to voters of both major parties.

“Our values in Georgia are clear: faith, family, service,” says Abrams.

Emphasizing the importance of supporting family issues like education not just with words…

“We value more than just the notion and slogan of family.”

But dollars to back them up. 

“To reverse the terrible drain io $100M a year going to private schools.”

Likewise, with childhood healthcare and the $8 million federal dollars per day forfeited by Georgia not expanding Medicaid.

“I believe that Georgia families deserve better than 64 counties without a pediatirican,” says Riggs Amico.

And also talking about putting money where many Georgians need it. Their own pockets.

“I know that everyone wins when we choose to honor service. And when we honor hard work with wages you can raise a family on,” says Abrams.

Searching for commonality, in a political climate rife with dissent

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