GEORGIA (WRBL)— The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is set to see a change in leadership soon.

Last month on June 24, Governor Brian Kemp appointed GBI Director Vic Reynolds to the Cobb Judicial Circuit Superior Court.

Reynolds is set to fill one of two empty seats after Judge LaTain Kell and Judge Mary Staley Clark retired May 1. Deputy Attorney General Julie Adams Jacobs will fill the other seat. Jacobs has served on the Commercial Transactions and Litigation Division since 2003.

Reynolds tells WRBL he has mixed emotions about his appointment.

“As I told the governor, I’m going to miss this job. I’ve really enjoyed my close to four years here at the bureau, it’s a tremendous agency. Seeing the men and women, what they do day in and day out, their dedication to the mission, they’re mission driven. I believe they do things the right way and playing a small part in this agency the last four years or so has been one of the highlights of my career. So, I’m certainly going to miss it,” Reynolds says.

After working as GBI Director for nearly four years he says he will miss this chapter of his law enforcement career. On the other hand, he is excited to return to his hometown.

“Marietta is my home. That’s where I’ve lived for a number of years, raised my family there, raised two daughters there, and my wife and I are very involved in that community. I will literally walk to work most mornings, so the thought of of living that lifestyle at this stage of my life, being able to get up and walk to work is something that from a selfish perspective, is really appealing to me,” he shares.

Reynolds was appointed to be Director of the GBI back in February 2019. Before that, he served as the District Attorney of Cobb County for two elected term, served as a police officer, and worked as a partner in a legal firm. Gov. Kemp has not yet appointed Reynolds replacement at the GBI; however, Reynolds says this announcement will likely come by the end of this summer.

He says whoever the governor appoints will have his support in hopefully carrying out some of the key progress underway in the bureau.

“I certainly would like to see the work that we’re doing in combating criminal street gangs continue. The work that we’re doing to fight the scourge of human trafficking in the state to continue. Again, I’d like to see the bureau really concentrate on those cold cases. I think we can plow a lot of fertile ground there and solve some of those, and I want to hopefully continue to see that. Again, I really believe in my heart that whoever the governor appoints to this seat will be the best director the bureau’s ever had.”

Reynolds says the work he’s seen done by the men and women in the bureau has impressed him. He describes them as a set of mission driven individuals that bring great pride to the agency, the state of Georgia, and law enforcement in general.

Once Gov. Kemp announces the next director, WRBL will share that information.

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